During Evangelization in Central Hospital of Anadyr 1995 Our marriage 1994 Anadyr 1999 We on the way to Chukotka (Joke) 2000 Our dog Lesya 2000 Providenya The Flower on the flowers
Our first presious pastor of baptist church Robert and Robin Crane Missioner's family of Kalashnikov, who work a lot for our salvation in Providenia After finishing Bible scool in Moscow 1997 with pastor Dushkin Our friends missioner's family -Alexey and Julia Kurkin Sakhalin is very snowable! Autum in Khabarovsk Iceway to Anadyr in the beginning of June.
Ugolnye Copy villiage (empty housesd and street,all people escaped because of hard conditions of life) Near river in Anadyr  2 June 1999 Providenya, summer. Our teachers from Khabarovsk bible College David and Sharon Benzel Autum in Khabarovbsk Khabarovsk1999
Zhenya - child Sergey - child Cavia super Meal

Pictures Фотки

This pictures made in different periods of our life.
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